Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our first eschatology lesson

It all started with reading Taylor's picture story Bible before bed tonight. We were reading about Jesus' ascention into heaven, and Taylor was quite fascinated with the concept. So we started talking about how Jesus went "Up, up in the sky" a long time ago, and now He is in heaven, and how someday He will come back "Down, down, down" to the earth. It was in the fear of the Lord that I proceeded to tell her that she very well might be alive and see Jesus return to the earth with her own eyes. I then told her that Jesus will come back to the earth and be a king. Her response? "That will be fun!" Yes, my dear little one, it sure will be fun. If you're reigning with Him, that is. Out of the mouth of babes......

It was one of those conversations that I will remember for a long time. I know that she doesn't even understand all of what it all means - after all, she's 2 - but I do know that it's not too early to begin introducing these basic truths and that this was the first of many such conversations with her. (No, our next eschatology lesson isn't going to include a complete explanation of the seals and bowls and trumpets and the antichrist and false prophet and all that. In case you were wondering.) As a parent, I want her to be ready for all that she will see and for the events on planet earth that will be escalating during her lifetime. I want to do all that I can to equip her with all that she will need to know and understand so that in that day she chooses Life, not death. So that she chooses love. So that she sees with the eyes of eternity. So that she can look beyond the momentary afflictions toward the day when Jesus will once again reign on the earth, and when we will reign with Him. And how much fun that will be.

And to my readers who may have never before considered these things, or who may choose to not consider these things because of the controversy or stigma surrounding them, let me leave you with one thought. I believe with my whole heart that we are living in the generation when Jesus will return - and if not our generation, definitely the generation of our children. But if I am wrong, and if I live and die and Jesus has not yet returned to the earth - but if I sought to live my life as though He was going to, in prayer and fasting and sincere devotion and in the pursuit of fullness - what have I lost? And if our children live and die and Jesus has still not yet come, what have I lost in preparing them for His coming and teaching them to live in anticipation of it? I'd much rather live as though He is coming soon and be prepared, than live as though He wasn't coming, and find myself not ready.

So, back to Taylor. To borrow Randy's prayer, what more can I say but, "God, may you make Taylor into the woman You need her to be when it all comes down."

Amen. Let's stand.


Esther Irwin said...

It's the simple things in life that we remember the most. The everyday happenings make the best memories. Wonder why?

Jaime said...

That is so neat, Kristi! It's fun explaining the gospel and such to little ones. It helps simplify it and take out the extra stuff and just focus on Jesus.

I tear up every time I talk on a pretty deep level about Jesus to Russ or Randall because it's so special to be able to share that with my kids. My greatest joy will be when they both choose Jesus as their Savior!

sarah said...

Kristi, thanks for sharing this. It is such a weighty priviledge to be trusted with an eternal soul, I ask so often - How? How do I raise Abigail up in the ways of God? What can I do to help her be ready in that day? Oh, God, please help me. - Nothing has made me more determined to be firmly grounded in the word than the desire to have a deep well to draw from as I pour into my little girl! Anyway, I loved your post, and liked to it on my blog.

Michelle said...

I never learnt alot about eschatology until last year when I did internship at my church...Taylor is lucky to be learning at such a young age.
Keep it up Kristi.

Marci Lewellen said...

i love it!